Rain Forest Sonnet

In response to some loved ones who took issue with my poems that don’t rhyme, I wrote them a rhymed poem. I opted for a no-fail sonnet form (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme scheme; iambic pentameter). The constraint was a distraction but also caused me to put words together I wouldn’t otherwise have done.

(The couplet at the end is an “inside” joke. My nieces call my Mom (their grandma) “Nene” and had been making fun of her rain hat).

Rain Forest Sonnet

For Mom & Jordan

A poem that rhymes is not my forté.
I spend a morning writing fourteen lines,
shape words into form, a sculptor with clay,
although it feels out of sync with these times.

Are you one to like predictable things?
Or do you find delight in discomfort?
I’ve always needed to fan out my wings,
am not one to write by the numbers.

This is how we get to know each other—
sharing adventures and meals and stories.
We’re finding ourselves as we discover
habits and dreams and new territories.

See how I chose to write you a sonnet?
Because it would rhyme with Nene’s bonnet.



4 thoughts on “Rain Forest Sonnet

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  1. Having played a bit with writing sonnets, I know something of how difficult it can be to squeeze emotive thoughts into numbered rhymes and syllables — and how much fun and specialty reward to finish the package. Congratualtions on this sonnet. I love it.

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  2. You’ve indited a wonderful sonnet. But I do see some verses have nine syllables and not ten. I think that doesn’t make much difference though. I really like the way you have articulated your thoughts.


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