Hop-on, hop-off

I think of that day every time I ride the LRT and remember those conversations when I walk through a station. I notice what would probably be only a blur if we hadn’t taken that time to be curious, if each piece was not now invested with the memory of the voices of friends.


This piece is the result of the final prompt in the final workshop of a series I recently facilitated on the craft of description. The prompt had us first choose a mundane object from the rooms we were writing in, then describe an emotion as if it were that object.

Frozen bread

Another short piece from my workshop series about describing action. The prompt was related to pacing and using sentence length to alter the pacing of action.

Miss Patty

From my own writing prompt about describing people, a dance teacher came to mind even though I haven't thought of her for decades.


I'm always astonished at how several threads often braid together in life. In this case, reading Joseph Campbell's "Goddesses", plus a couple of conversations that didn't seem connected at the time have me thinking about where I "fit"...


Prompted to write about noticing something beautiful, this is the first thing that came to my mind...


Five random musings inspired by this quotation from Renato Rosaldo: "The material of poetry is not so much the event as the traces it leaves.”

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