When in doubt, move

“When in doubt, choose change.” – lily leung

When in doubt, do not stand still.
Move in a direction—any direction.
You do not have to move quickly but you must be in motion.
Because doubt is static.

Doubt is a tug on the back of your hoodie when you’re about to cross the street. Sure, it may be there because a car is coming and someone doesn’t want you to get run over. But it could also be that someone else just wants you to stay put, or to walk their path instead.

So step out into the street. Do it slowly. Look both ways and step. Look both ways again. When necessary, change your plan to stay alive and remember: alive means moving.

Atoms, cells, the air, trees, people, animals, planets, and stars—everything is always changing. If you stand still everything changes without you, everything will leave you. Your skin cells will continue dying and regenerating but if you don’t keep moving, the dead bits will pile up and bury you. The falling leaves, the snow, the ice will embalm you and in the Spring melt you’ll stink and be moldy.

So do not stand still even when you’re uncertain.
Take a step in one direction.
If it doesn’t work out, step in another direction.
If there’s a tug on your hoodie, ignore it or go with it—but whatever you do, don’t let it stop you.

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