5 minutes in a carwash thinking about love

It’s National Poetry Month #NPM22 and the theme is #intimacy, which also happens to be my personal Word of the Year! This is a playful new poem a friend suggested fits the theme. So would Sex is a French crepe and Hexagram 63: Water Over Fire.

5 minutes in a carwash thinking about love

mystery foam on glass
creamy daydream
silence before first rinse
	palm on my neck
	still me before a kiss

wheel blaster rocks the chassis
electric shudder
through feet, legs, hips
	knees fall open
	for your lips
robot arm pumps 
blue, pink, yellow streams
wet birthday confetti 
	skin has fingers
	hold me steady	

air driers bluster 
i plunge through 
into winter light 
        lungs collapse
	stay the night

black wheels glisten
shimmering shell 
salt-crusted streets
	bodies dream
	unwind the sheets

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