Both of these poems derive from Pablo Neruda’s Your Hands . The first is inspired by one line from his poem. The second is an erasure poem, I removed words from his poem and what remains becomes the new poem.


after Pablo Neruda’s “Your Hands

we carried water
in the skin of grapes
delicate flasks
to water our roots

as each skin tore
we shared the bitter
sweet tannins
rubber between teeth

our love parching
with greed
each spent container

Hands out, love

from Pablo Neruda’s “Your Hands

hands out, love
mine flying
stop suddenly,
as if then, before
I had existed
had passed over
softness flying
the sea, the smoke
over you

my chest golden wheat
my life looking
upstairs, crossed roads
carried waters
in the skin of the grapes
your touch
secret hands
closed like two wings.

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