… is the awareness of the body’s occupation of space, and the ability to manipulate it at will. Dancers pride themselves on it. We also like to show each other the scrapes and bruises we’ve accumulated just by being in the world—by walking, for example, or trying to sit down. My shoulders are bruised from banging into door frames. Without music or a stage, the body betrays.

We weren’t allowed to do other sports—skiing, volleyball. “If you’re going to break a leg, you’re going to break it dancing!” It’s a thing all dance teachers say, because they know. They are susceptible, too, and it may be why they are now teachers.

“Nice trip! See you next fall!” How many times have I heard that one? My brother, significant others—anyone who’s shared space with me—all confused by how a body so capable could be such a danger.

These feet weren’t made for walking, they may not even be of this Earth.

Progressive Tense Cards (26)


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