We are weeks into the COVID-19 isolation, now, and I’ve been contemplating “hope”, a concept that has never sat comfortably with me. Like fear, it is a projection of the future, two sides of a single coin.

This poem arose from that contemplation coupled with a writing prompt unexpectedly on the topic of hope.


After reading Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers” during COVID-19 isolation

in a restless pocket, the coin burns

on one side, a feral cat
its shoulders ripple          the certainty
of speed. She is aimed at what will be
sharp ears turned to the past
she sprints headlong into it          a certain future
pounding and hot

on the other side, a bird perched
its feathers quiver            the possibility
of flight. She aims for what could be
dark eyes reflecting light
she flies into the mirror                 a crystal ball
hard and bright

on an empty sidewalk
.                             the coin spins


Progressive Tense Cards (9)


Photo credit: ID 172492489 © Tapan Newpane |

2 thoughts on “Currency

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  1. I love this poem; the visuals and the spirit underflow. I’d like to know how to read the gaps in text in line 2 &5. As these are consistemt pattern breaks I assume they are not typo skips.
    Lovely rhythm too

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