This Place

Given the time we’re all spending “sheltering” in our homes right now, it seemed apropos to share this poem. The spaces we inhabit, and how we choose to inhabit them, tell stories.

For years, I’d had the idea to write a poem about each address I’ve lived at. When I received a “list-poem” prompt, I thought it would be the perfect form for the subject matter. With only about 15 minutes to write, I needed to distill the “story” of each space. 

Here’s the result:

This Place

Fleming Ave.

I write on the wall
and blame you

Grey St.

when we move
the walls close in

Berkley Pl.

everything pink
grandmother chose it
everything mine

Uplands Dr.

we drove 5,000 km to
lose each other
in these rooms

Craig Henry Dr.

our first stairs
now we can separate

Hinchey Ave.

one day I don’t go home because
a spider guards the keypad

Dupuis St.

at night, I watch hookers
from the balcony

Oakdean Cresc.

not city, not lakeside
I stay angry inside
you stay angry outside

Churchill Ave.

I unpack a decade
pare everything back to one

Parkdale Ave.

my wings stay open
I fill all the space


Progressive Tense Cards (1)

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