Forgiveness: Holding a Mirror to Blame

Why are you here? Not here on this website, but HERE on this Earth.

Are you here to be of service to others? To advance human knowledge? To soak up every ounce of happiness you can? To honour a talent you’ve been gifted? To raise better humans? Me, I’m here to help people express themselves better.

It took me a long time to understand my purpose. I always felt I had one. And I recognized the talents I’d been given – I just didn’t know what it all meant. Didn’t see how it all connected, couldn’t follow the clues. I think there are a lot of people like that on Earth – maybe most of us.

The hardest thing about figuring out what I was put here to do wasn’t figuring it out; it was dealing with the sadness that came with it.

Once I could see clearly what I’m doing here, I could see all the ways I’d sabotaged that purpose. The choices I’d made that dishonoured my gifts. The distractions I’d spent time and energy on. The people I’d put stock in who had no stock in me.

I’ve never been one to hold regrets, and it felt awful to have them. Blaming – blaming others, blaming circumstances, blaming time – was a quick fix, but felt just as bad.

To move forward, I had to forgive. Not others, not circumstances, not the brutality of time – but myself.

I had to forgive myself for the miscues, the self-sabotage, the losses I’d allowed to accumulate in willful ignorance.

I found I couldn’t give myself a blanket pass, so I forgive myself daily. Journaling, meditation, and exercise are part of the process – those things keep me in conversation with my purpose. But for me, taking action is the best forgiveness. By committing to and carving out time and space for the things I know I’m here to do, I’m repairing the damage.


Is there something in your life or circumstances that you’re blaming someone or something for?

As an experiment, redirect that blame to yourself. What do you find? What disappointment or anger do you discover that you have toward yourself?

What do you need to do to forgive yourself? Make an action plan.

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4 thoughts on “Forgiveness: Holding a Mirror to Blame

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  1. So umm, what’s your purpose?

    (He asks knowing full well it wasn’t the point of the post but having trouble dealing with the trauma of not knowing)


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